Discussion 2 – Team Gryffindor

Team: Gryffindor 

Assessment Block 


Discussion leader: Bivianna

Note Taker: Luna

Twitter/Time Keeper: Madison 

Devil’s Advocate/Challenge Tweeter: Will

Discussion Starter:

Summary of last discussion:

  • Some subjects you might be able to test them better than way and help the students actually comprehend and learn the material.
  • Some ways to move from emergent to proficient could be first learning with a set of rules and then learning with hands on.
  • At first we might be more emergent because we will be new teachers. After we will then start to get to the proficient level with practice
  • The teaching tests were not really intended to be motivational but to see if the people taking the tests are qualified. Some people taking the tests are not qualified at all and it is scary to look around the test room and see people who might not be good teachers.
  • We also decided that an assessment is based on opinion and an evaluation is based on criteria

Discussion Questions:

  1. Do you think teachers should be responsible for students’ assessments on state tests?
  2.  The four principles that are important in classroom assessment are: reliability, reference points, validity, and record-keeping. Which of these four principles do you think is more important?
  3. What methods would you use in your classroom to ensure assessment covers targeted learning outcomes while remaining reliable and valid?
  4. Do you think teachers working together reviewing students’ work is a good or bad idea?

Discussion Ender: “It is individuals, not classes, who learn.” (page 8)