Discussion 4 Notes

How would you summarize this article/ What are the main points of the reading?

  • The different forms of authority.
  • A good authoritative relationship is important.
  • Students and teachers share authority.

Discussion Questions:

1)     Looking at Metz’s research of an English teacher and Social Studies teacher; one used politeness, human and grade inflation to generate an appearance of cooperation among her students, instead of issuing direct commands or imposing punitive sanctions. What kinds of problems would this cause within the teacher-student relationship? Would you use this in your future classroom?

  • Grade inflation authority is not a good option, because how will you know what you are doing bad/wrong?
  • Kids may love grade inflation authority but it is not effective. It may work in a perfect world.
  • There needs to be a balance of authority. A teacher cannot be too nice, or too mean. A student needs to learn responsibility.

2)     Do you believe that “The teachers followed rather than controlled the students’ initiations in book discussions and other classroom activities” (p. 20) can be an effective way to teach? Would this be something that you brought into your classroom?

  • Student collaboration is important. It is good for students to learn how to work together.
  • Teacher can be an observer and there to clarify when need be.
  • With younger students, teachers can always model how to keep a discussion in track, at the beginning of the year.
  • If it is controlled it is a great idea.

3)     Do you believe that one of the classroom authority approaches from pages 20 and 21 is better than the others? If so why? If not why not?

  • All different types of authority are important. Classrooms still need to be structured.
  • The first type of authority is the one most predominately used in today’s classrooms.
  • All types of authority need to work together and one will not work without the other types of authority.

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