Discussion #3 Notes

Discussion #3 Notes:

Think-Pair- Share:

-Studies are old- over time each generation has changed

– The studies that we are reading about are classic studies.

-Different researches that are done in the 70’s about how outside factors affect the classroom.

– Different tactics for in the classroom


-Are the teachers trying to be a clown for the classroom, are the teachers the students entertainment? The students need to be interested in the school work on their own, they need to take the initiative to learn also.

– Every teacher is an individual.


-You have to push students to do their best regardless of how smart the students is.

–  Teachers should not be bargaining with student because it gives them false intentions.

–  Bargaining can work but you have to implement it in the correct way.


-Have a balance between both techniques, we as teachers should try to teach in different ways. Each student learns in a different way and if a teacher teaches in different ways all students have a chance to learn.

– It is not so much bargaining it is more compromise, it has to be an equal compromise.

Wrap Up:

-Trying the different types of authority to figure out which type works best for you and your students, every student and teacher is different so it may take time to figure out which type works best for your classrooms.


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