Freedom and Control, Discussion 1

Freedom and Control, Discussion 1

Team 1: San Francisco Giants


Pace, J.L., & Hemmings, A. (2007). Understanding Authority in Classrooms: A Review of Theory, Ideology, and Research. Review of Educational Research, 77(1), 4-8.


Discussion Leader: Jessika Reil

Time Keeper/ Summarizer: Ashley Fernandez

Twitter Monitor: Elyse Trefts

Note Taker: Sean Hagen

Devil’s Advocate Twitter: Katie Stetler

Discussion Starter/ warm up:


What do you think the author’s main point/ points are?

Discussion Questions:

1) What did you find most interesting/ surprising about the reading?

2) There were several types of authority that were described in the reading, what do you believe is the best type? Why?

3) The author states “Subordinates must understand directives, see them as consistent with organizational purposes, believe that they are compatible with their own self-interests, and be mentally and physically able to fulfill them” (p.7). Why do you think these conditions have not been applied to classroom research when they are clearly applicable to the classroom?

4) In the reading it states the reason why “trust is often problematic in K-12 classrooms” (p. 7). How are you as a teacher going to get your students to trust you?

Discussion Ender:

What are some ways that you could incorporate what you learned about classroom authority into your own classroom?


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