Amazing Otters

Amazing Otters

Equity Block

Extension Activity #2

Purpose: The purpose of the activity is to show inequality between the funding of schools, vouchers, and government.

Extension Activity Preparation: The class will be placed into pairs and they receive 3-10 pennies.

  1. Pennies

Lesson: Each person will bet 1-5 pennies. We will have 1 minute rounds. Then the winners will continue playing while those who lost all their pennies will be out but will have the opportunity to receive a voucher by tweeting #ls300sp14.

Follow Up Questions:

  1. What if everyone started with the same amount of pennies? ( what if all schools had the same amount of funding?)
  2. Those who have the most pennies would you be willing to give up some pennies to those who don’t have any?
  3. How did you feel when you lost all your pennies?

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