Notes from Discussion 2

The Futures

Here are the summary notes for our second discussion.

-Main point of the article, “having different options for parents to choose from for their children”

Question 1:
-Disadvantage of the voucher, instead of giving this money to relocate students it should be used to improve the quality of less desirable schools.
-Using vouchers to send students to different schools can create even more of an imbalance in regards to quality of the school.

Question 2:
-Some people consider it unconstitutional to allow vouchers to be used to send students to schools that are religiously affiliated.
-Other people think it’s okay to voucher money for this purpose because the students are still learning basic educational requirements regardless of the schools affiliation.

Question 3:
-Tweet: “What you put into your education is what you get out of your education.”
-In regards to social obligation, is what’s good for you necessarily what’s good for society.
-Education should benefit you so that you can benefit society.

Discussion Ending:
-“Every American deserves to achieve as much as they are willing to work for.”


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