Equity Block: Discussion 2

Team 2 The Futures

-Discussion Leader:Sonja
-Time Keeper: Janinn
-Note Taker: Dylan
-Twitter Monitor: Sarah
-Devil’s Advocate Tweeter: Melissa
-Devil’s Advocate Tweeter: Nicole

Discussion Questions:

1. Looking at the concept of the voucher, what do you believe are the advantages of this idea? What about the disadvantages of it? Can allowing children to use vouchers to go to schools with people with the same views be seen as a disadvantage? How so?

2. “Critics of vouchers question the use of taxpayer dollars to educate children in schools affiliated with religious groups” (p. 54). Would this belief be considered unconstitutional? Was it necessary for the Supreme Court to create a policy of “neutrality” in order to protect religious related funding in the name of education?

3. The reading continually associates choice with things such as social obligation and preparing students for higher education. It’s not uncommon for more financially secure schools to offer more choice and freedom to their students. The data suggesting that having more freedoms in school produces better prepared students is somewhat equivocal and doesn’t consider lurking variables. Do you think students that attend schools more geared toward offering choice and freedom have an advantage over other students that don’t have those same freedoms?

Discussion Ender:
“Every American deserves to achieve as much as they are willing to work for” (p. 57).


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