Equity Block Discussion 1 Notes

Team 2 The Futures

Feedback from Warmup “Describe your district”
-it was a wide range of responses from ” it sad really easy to move out of districts” to “it was basically impossible to to get out go a district”
-Some districts go to extreme measures to verify addresses, such as showing up to houses to check that the student actually resides there.

Question 1 Feedback
-Districts treat students like cattle, leading them to the school of their choice.
“Do district lines work?
~It’s all politics
~For the benefits of others not students
~Districts are like prisons because they take away freedom.
-Lines are great for the wealthy, but unfair for the less privileged.

Question 2 Feedback
-We can try to use programs that work in other locations and introduce them in new areas
-Realistically there are kids with parents who do not care, perpetuating the notion that all patents care will leave some children at a disadvantage.
-Point: “I want to be an educator because I do have the best interest of the child in mind”
-Ask parents to give feedback and to start recommending beneficial programs into the community
-There is too much pressure on parents to give input when it should be the children’s opinion that should be taken into account.

Ended discussion with a question, “If we allow students to leave to desirable schools, what will happen to the schools getting left behind?


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