Equity Block: Discussion 1

Equity Block: Discussion 1


Team 2: The Futures



  • Discussion Leader: Sarah
  • Note Taker: Janinn
  • Twitter Monitor: Nicole
  • Twitter Monitor: Michelle
  • Time Keeper: Dylan
  • Devils Advocate Tweeter: Sonja


Discussion Starter 

 “The dividing lines are firmly maintained. Moving from school to school within a district often is difficult; moving from district to district (unless the family changes its residence) is almost impossible. Assigning students to schools on the basis of their residence minimizes parents’ choice about the school their children can attend” (p. 51). Take a moment to reflect back on the area you grew up in and the school district(s) you were a part of. Does the quote from the article remind you of the school district(s) you were a part of? Why or why not?


Discussion Questions

1. Are there any points in the reading that you found particularly interesting? Why? Were there any parts of the reading you strongly agreed/disagreed with? Why?


2. Besides parents, educators, health professionals, and business, people are concerned about the schools and programs that best serve children in our society. However, despite their best efforts, “none of them is as concerned about the welfare of an individual child as his or her loving and committed parents” (p. 51). What are some ways these experts can maximize their knowledge to help improve the quality of each individual child’s educational needs?


3. If parents were allowed to send their children to any school of their choice, what would happen to the less desirable schools? Do you think that rather than allowing a choice in schools, that it would be better to work to make all schools more “desirable?” What are some ways to make that happen?


Discussion Ender

 This section is about allowing parents “academic freedom” for their children. What implications will arise if too much freedom is given to parents? (i.e.: infringe on desegregation efforts? Or neglect poor or less desirable schools with zero effort for change? – more focus on improving “desirable” schools.


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