MB 5 Extension Activity

Science Test

1. What is an individual scientifically speaking?

a. human

b. living thing

c. organism

d. both b & c

2. Do populations include individuals of the same species?

a. yes

b. no

3. What are some abiotic factors that ecosystems rely on?

a. animals

b. food

c. rocks, water and temperature

d. insects

4. What is a biome?

a. a set of ecosystems

b. a caveman

c. a type of rock

d. species of animal

5. A biosphere is the sum of all the ecosystems established in the rain forest

a. True

b. False

History Test

1. Where did the underground railroad help the slaves escape to?

a. the south

b. northern US

c. Canada

d. both b & c

2.Who were the “conductors” in the underground railroad?

a. the slaves

b. the women

c. the children

d. the people who led the slaves

3. When did the underground railroad run?

a. 1700

b. 1810-1860s

c. 1802-1809

d. 1900

4. What was the Fugitive Act?

a. an act allowing all slaves to be free

b. an act allowing all african american slaves to vote

c. an act requiring slaves to be returned to their owners

d. an act enabling the underground railroad

5. Who are abolotionists?

a. slave owners

b. people who thought slavery was great

c. people who thought slavery was wrong

d. a movement that was started in the 18th century

English Test

1. What were donuts originally called?

a. fat balls

b. sweet dough

c. sugar rounds

d. oily cakes

2. What do doughnuts originally refer to?

a. doughy knots that they were sometimes shaped into

b. the nut that were in the middle

c. the strange flavor

d. both a & b

3. What were doughnuts originally fried in?

a. coconut oil

b. vegetable oil

c. pork fat

d. beef fat

4. What year was Elizabeth Gregory known for making very fine doughnuts?

a. 1839

b. 1847

c. 1867

d. 1857

5. What was the main reason that doughnuts do not have centers?

a. they wanted it shaped like an “O”

b. the middle never really cooked

c. the man who created doughnuts name started with “O”

d. they looked more appealing


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