Team 4: Amazing Otters

Team 4: Amazing Otters

Block Assignment: Learning Block

Team Member Roles and Responsibilities:

Katie Ahmed: Time Keeper and Summarizer Of Main Events

Martin Nguyen: Twitter Monitor

Alexandra Lorenzana: Note Taker

Gabriela Gutierrez: Dedicated Devils Advocate Twitter

Dana Angelo: Discussion Leader

Discussion Starter:

Summary of last points:
  • You will be more successful getting a job if you are educated.
  • Jobs want people who know how to critically think, and our school systems are don’t teach students to think critically.
  •  Individual personality will help you stand out, if you only have a basic education, but not everyone has a unique personality that helps them.
  • It is hard to teach and find a standard when you have migrant students who don’t speak English
  • Nothing can change if people don’t work together.

Discussion Questions:

  1. “Economically deprived children require 20%-40% more funds per pupil.”(p14) Would it be fair to give these children more funds from the state or federal government?
  2. “While many educated-practioner organizations have endorsed the new Common Core standards initiative…”(p.15). Why do you think these organizations favor the Common Core Standards?
  3. NCTE members “expressed worry that the standards would reduce the curriculum to what can be measured  on a standardized test.” In what ways would this affect a students ability to learn? Explain.
  4. Do you believe the Common Core is an appropriate assessment  to determine whether students are ready to graduate and be successful throughout their lives?

Discussion Ender:

The NGA/CCSSO cut-score criterion is that “every high school students must be college-ready.” (p13)


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