Common Core Poem

Finding new ways to help students succeed will be exactly what this country needs

Real life experience will brighten up your brain,

It might be hard be hard, But it’s worth the pain

I want to learn where people ❤ me

Each student is treated fairly and respectfully 

Promotes social development 


Routines for safety and equality

I have needs particular to me which we can now access through technology.

Integrating new key concepts and ideas. 

To help children understand new subject matter and ideals.

Common Core is wrecking my brain 

my, oh my how will I maintain?

Teachers should establish and articulate goals for students learning.

Adopt curriculum materials that help all students needs.

Students play a role in the standards.

Students, Teachers, and parents work together to achieve a common goal for their students to be successful.

Assessing students on what they know.

Applying, Assessing, Reviewing, Applying, and using knowledge

See me in the club with it tatted on my chest.

Families need to encourage and support their children’s learning

Kids must grow to become adults

Students supported by families 

Families supported by teachers


1 Comment

  1. Point of Clarification – this was a great activity…but just wanted to make sure that it’s clear that the poem was based off of the CA Standards for the Teaching Profession and not Common Core Standards.

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