Team 1: San Francisco Giants

Team 1- San Francisco Giants

Block Assignment: Extension Activity

Extension Activity: Common Core Poems


Demonstrate an understanding of a particular common core standard and create a poem related to the common core standard.

 Extension Activity Preparation:

Students will be divided into 6 groups, once in groups each group will be assigned a particular common core standard.


Once the class is divided into the 6 groups each person will read over the standard assigned and discuss with the group. Each student will write a line to a poem, once everyone has written the line they will put the lines together to create a poem.


Understand each component of the common core standards and be able to create a poem out of the standards.

 Audience Feedback:

 1)   This activity made me think about:

2)   What did you think was effective about how the activity was facilitated?

3)   What aspects of how the activity was facilitated could have been strengthened?


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