Amazing Otters

Team 4: Amazing Otters

Block Assignment: Learning Block

Team Member Roles and Responsibilities:

Katie Ahmed: Note Taker

Martin Nguyen: Time Keeper and summarizer of Main events

Alexandra Lorenzana: Discussion Leader

Gabriela Gutierrez: Twitter Monitor

Dana Angelo: Dedicated Devils Advocate Twitter

Discussion Starter:

  • It is common sense to have more teachers with a say about what goes on in the classroom.
  • Teachers should be involved in politics.
  • The Obama administration isn’t ready to tackle education reform when they are having trouble with Obama Care.
  • The Common Core will give students an easier time moving around the country.
  • Try the European System which gives students directions.

Discussion Questions:

  1. How do you think schools are related to the economy? If so what do you believe are some ideas to improve it?
  2. Do you feel our school system is to blame for our declining economy?
  3. Should standards be made to fit each student?
  4. Do you feel that with the Common Core it will over simplify educational needs of diverse students who will eventually enter a diverse workforce?

Discussion Ender: “Common Standards represent represent  huge over-simplification of educational needs that would result in one size fits all high school curriculum that fails to account for the individual differences in children” (Barton, Paul Page 9).


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