Team 4: Amazing Otters

Team 4: Amazing Otters

Block Assignment: Learning Block

Team Member Roles and Responsibilities:

Katie Ahmed: Discussion Leader

Martin Nguyen:Twitter Monitor

Alexandra Lorenzana: Dedicated Devils Advocate Tweeter

Gabriela Gutierrez:Time Keeper

Dana Angelo: Note Taker

Discussion Starter:

Overall the discussion went well. We had different points that were very good. For the first question that was about the common core and if it should be implemented before being tested we had classmates comment:

  • Some concern because you don’t want to just test students.
  • You cannot compare resources based on income. Not everyone has the same opportunities.
  • Kids of higher income have outside resources to where kids in Salinas don’t.

Question 2: Obama says “There should be higher expectations on students: Do you agree or disagree? Why?

  • Lower students were able to go higher to college prep level.
  • Have incentive to rise, do not label students.
  • If students have higher expectation and they cannot reach it, they might not reach the expectation they raised for themselves and not be as successful as they can be.
  • American Promise Documentary- one of the students was pushed to the point where his expectation was so high that when he got accepted to a university he felt it was still not good enough for his family. To where the second student set smaller expectations and felt accomplished because he was able to complete them.

Question 3: Should there be federal rights on education or should states have the right to choose common core?

  • Standardized testing and funding is based by test scores.
  • Some reservations (federally guided) are doing horrible.
  • New Mexico- They were given a rule to where the school changed it to accommodate students.
  • Students have access to different resources.

Question 4: With a national standard will there be more equality? And here are some answers we received from our classmates.

  • If we had the same funding for everyone then we would all be equal.
  • States decide the standards assessment not the government.

Throughout class we saw how many students posted their tweets and expressed how they felt about the common core, and the changes in our future generation’s education.

Discussion Questions:

  1. How does it make you feel to know that the Common Core was not constructed by teachers? Do you think it would have been better prepared if teachers would have been included when putting this together? Why or why not?
  2. How do you feel Obama administration can help change education systems to create more equality amongst all school districts?

  3. In the reading, the author points out when educational system suffers, so does the competitiveness in the US economy. Yet, the US is still ranked in the top 1 and 2 spots without implementing a universal standard. With this in mind, do you feel we need the “common core?” Explain why or why not?

  4. In the reading, the author talks about  “American competitiveness relies on an educational system that can adequately prepare our youth for college and for the workforce”. What are your opinions about preparing our students for their future in regards to this statement made. Do you agree?

Discussion Ender:

“Those advocating common standards often lead with some variation on their important role in helping the U.S.  to compete effectively in an international 21st century.” ( page 6)


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